Public alpha testing between July 1st and July 14th.
#0004 - New Website Style - 3/2/2019

The website has been re-styled to match the new forum theme.

If you do character art, we need your help. We are looking for an illustrator / concept artist to help flesh out the website/forum, title screens, promotional material, and so on. Visit our forum.

#0003 - Each page... - 3/2/2019

Each page displays ten posts. Most recent posts are displayed first.

#0002 - Test Post - 3/2/2019

This is the first post used to test the simple post system.

#0001 - Another one - 3/2/2019

Here's another post, for the sake of testing the website.

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#0000 - Welcome - 3/2/2019

Hello. If you are reading this, then that means the simple news/post system is working. Welcome to the official Arcane Lands Website.

- -